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Effects of Process Variables on the Fermentation of Corn Stover: A Review

Journal: Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 2016
Author: Ohimor E. Onoghwarite, Ndirika V.I. Obiora, Eke A. Ben

An Evolvable Framework for Metamorphics

Journal: Computing, Information Systems, Development Informatics Allied Research Journal, 2016
Author: Allenotor, David

Application of Markov Theoretical Model in Predicting Risk Severity and Exposure Levels of Workers i ...

Journal: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications, 2016
Author: Okwu Modestus Okechukwu Thaddeus C. Nwaoha Ombor Garrick

Characterization and Creep Behaviour of Polypropylene/Calcium Carbonate Nanocomposites.

Journal: Journal of Applied Sciences Research, , 2010
Author: Mgbemena, C.O., Mgbemena, C.E., Ubani, N.O.

On the Issue of Dualism in Cartography

Journal: Anyigba Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2004
Author: Ufuah M.E, Onosemuode C

Fuzzy Based System for Power Consumption Prediction

Journal: Journal of Engineering Science and Computing, , 2017
Author: EMAGBETERE, Eyere, BOYE, E. ThankGod, OGHENEVWAIRE, S. Iyabo

Total Hydrocarbon Content in water and sediment samples from coastal region of Nigeria

Journal: journal ofEngineering Science and Technology, 2010
Author: Otitigbe F and Akpoturi P.E

Application of Electrical Resistivity Method in the Assessment of Groundwater Potential for Sustanab ...

Journal: Annals of Environmental Studies, 2016
Author: Onosemuode, C., Ataikiru, T. L. and Oghama, O. E.

Antimicrobial activity of chemical bioactive compounds from the chloroform extract of the aerial par ...

Journal: International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences, 2016
Author: Christiana Ene OGWUCHE and Oghenekohwiroro EDJERE

Alkaline Phosphate Level Activity in Crude oil Contaminated Soil Bio remediated with natural sources

Journal: journal of Engineering and Applied Scientific Research, 2014
Author: Akpoturi P.E