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Solving For Computational Intelligence the Timetable-Problem

Journal: , Advances in Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 2016
Author: Ojugo, A. A., Oyemade, D. A., Allenotor, D.

The Design of a Linear Quadratic Optimal Regulator for Transient Heat flow in Continuous Casting of ...

Journal: International Journal of Current Research, 2016
Author: Obinabo E. C. Izelu C. O. Nwaoha T. C. and Ashiedu F. I.

Lateral Rock Property Prediction by Post Stack Acoustic Impedance Inversion: A Case Study from Offsh ...

Journal: International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research, 2016
Author: Difference Odeyovwi Ogagarue, Godswill Igoni Alaminiokuma

Thermal behavior and UV properties of Organomodified kaolin oleochemically derived from Rubber Seed ...

Journal: Journal of Surface Engineered Materials and Advanced Technology,, 2013
Author: Mgbemena, C.O., Ibekwe, N.O., Mohamed, A.P., Menon, A.R.R. Sukumar, R.

Optimal Reliability and Cost of Power Distribution: A case of Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, , 2011
Author: Chinwuko, E.C., Nwuba, E.I.U., Mgbemena, C.O.

Improved Transmission Equation for Terrestrial FSO Link

Journal: International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Research , 2016
Author: Oluwole J. Famoriji, Kazeem B. Adedeji, and Oludare Y. Ogundepo

Development and Assessment of Composite Brake Pad Using Pulverized Cocoa Beans Shells Filler

Journal: International Journal of Materials Science and Applications, 2016
Author: Adeyemi Ibukun Olabisi Ademoh Nuhu. Adam Okwu Modestus Okechukwu

Analysis of Coconut Ester(Biodiesel) and Fossil Diesel Blending: Properties and Corrosion Characteri ...

Journal: Nigeria Journal of Technology, NIJOTECH. , 2016
Author: Samuel , O.D, Ashiedu, F.I. and Oreko B.U.

Pareto Principle and Hazard Model as Tools for Apporpriate Scheduled Maintenance in a Manufacturing ...

Journal: African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 2016
Author: Johnson A. Fadeyi, Modestus O. Okwu, Chinedum O. Mgbemena, Kingsley C. Ezekiel

Leachate Characterization and Leachate Pollution Index from Landfill Dump Sites in Warri Metropolis, ...

Journal: International Letters of Natural Sciences, 2016
Author: Asibor, G. and Edjere, O.