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Ms. Ataikiru Lee-Ann Tega

  • Designation: Assistant Lecturer
  • Office/Department: Environmental Management and Toxicology Department
  • Specialisation: Environmental Microbiology and Bioremediation
  • Tel:

Scholarly/Professional Summary

Other Information

Ph.D in Environmental Microbiology in view
M.Sc. in Environmental Microbiology and Bioremediation.
B.Sc. in Microbiology


Microbial Community Structure of an Oil Polluted Site In Effurun, Nigeria.

Journal: International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health , 2017
Author: Ataikiru, T. L., Okorhi-Damisa, B. F. and J. I. Akpaiboh

Isolation and Characterization of Hydrocarbon Utilizing Yeast (HUY) Isolates from Palm Wine

Journal: American Journal of Molecular Biology, 2016
Author: Okerentugba, P.O., Ataikiru, T.L. and Ichor, T.

Preliminary Study on Antimicrobial Activity of Friendly Bacteria Isolated from Dairy Products

Journal: Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015
Author: Okorhi-Damisa, F. B. and Ataikiru, T. L.

Hydrocarbon Degradation Potentials of Indigeneous Fungal Isolates from a Petroleum Hydrocarbon Conta ...

Journal: Global Advanced Research Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology, 2014
Author: Iheanacho, C. C., Okerentugba, P. O., Orji, F. A. and Ataikiru, T. L.

Assessment of Water Suitability for Irrigation in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Journal: International Journal of Sciences, 2016
Author: Onosemuode, C., Ataikiru, T. L. and Oghama, O. E.

Application of Electrical Resistivity Method in the Assessment of Groundwater Potential for Sustanab ...

Journal: Annals of Environmental Studies, 2016
Author: Onosemuode, C., Ataikiru, T. L. and Oghama, O. E.