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Thermal Cycling Effects on the Fatigue Behaviour of Low Carbon Steel.

Journal: Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, , 2011
Author: Mgbemena, C.O., Agbadua, S.A., Mgbemena, C.E., Chima, L.O.

A Method for Stimulation Candidate Well Selection

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJET), 2015
Author: Okotie Sylvester, Ikporo Bibobra, Ovuema Augustina

Development and Evaluation of Maize Husks (Asbestos-free) Based Brake Pad

Journal: Industrial Engineering Letters, 2015
Author: Nuhu A. Ademoh and Adeyemi, I. Olabisi.

Phase-based neuron training using evolutionary algorithms.

Journal: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (ISFEE), 2014 International Symposium, 2014
Author: Sorin Laureniu Stnescu Omonigho Benedict Otanocha

The Influence of the use of ICT facilities on the academic achievement of Secondary School Physics.

Journal: International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, , 2011
Author: Achufusi, N.N., Achufusi, U.N., Mgbemena, C.O., Mgbemena, C.E..

Carbon Nanotubes: The Building Blocks of Nanotechnology Development

Journal: J.Nanotech. Prog. Int. , 2016
Author: Boye E. T., Achadu J.O., Oreko B.U., Samuel O.D.

Improved Correlation for Predicting Stock Tank Gas-Oil Ratio in Niger Delta

Journal: Onepetrol Journal, 2016
Author: Hilary Okeke. and Okotie Sylvester

Development of water hyacinth briquetting machine

Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research in Information Systems and Engineering (IJSRISE), 2016
Author: Modestus Okwu, Adeyemi I. Olabisi, ThankGod E. Boye, Ezurike O. Benjamin

Pivot Hole Thickness Optimization and Material Design for Functional Requirement of Front Axle Suppo ...

Journal: American Journal of Materials Science and Application , 2014
Author: Aduloju, S.C., Mgbemena, C.O., Maduike, J. Abdurahman, J.

2D static failure prediction for critical stresses of an automobile tire sidewall using MATLAB PDETo ...

Journal: IOSR-Journal of Mechanical Civil Engineering,, 2014
Author: Ihueze, C.C., Mgbemena, C.O., Menon, A.R.R.