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The Pareto principle and Hazard model as tools for appropriate scheduled maintenance in a manufactur ...

Journal: African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development, 2016
Author: Fadeyi, J.A., Okwu, M.O., Mgbemena, C.O., Ezekiel, K.C. (2016).


Journal: International Journal of Scientific Research in Information Systems and Engineering (IJSRISE), 2016
Author: Okwu O. Modestus Adeyemi I. Olabisi ThankGod E. Boye Ezurike O. Benjamin

Impact of biologically treated effluent on the physico-chemical quality of a receiving stream in Ile ...

Journal: Journal of Sustainable Development, 2015
Author: Asibor, G., Edjere, O. and Adeniyi, I. F.

Socio-Economic Consideration of the Use of Maps in Tourism Activities in Nigeria.

Journal: Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,, 2007
Author: Onosemuode, Christopher

Effects of Self-regulated learning and Metacognitive learning cycle on the academic achievement of ...

Journal: Open Journal of Advanced Engineering Techniques, , 2013
Author: Inomiesa, E.A., Achufusi, N.N. Mgbemena, C.O.

An analysis of coconut ethyl ester (biodiesel) and fossil diesel blending: properties and corrosion ...

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Technology (NIJOTECH), 2016
Author: Samuel Olusegun .David, Ashiedu, F.I. and Orek, B.U

The Conceptualization of Baloguns (1980) Communication Model In Evaluating the Symbols used on Tou ...

Journal: Indian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research,, 2008
Author: Onosemuode C. Akhimien F. O. and Aliyu A. H

Optimisation Of Alkaline Ethanolysis Of Biodiesel Yield From Nigerian Coconut Oil Using One Variable ...

Journal: JENRM, 2014
Author: Samuel, O.D, Okwu, M.O., Oreko B. and Amosun S.T

A Regression Analysis Approach to Queueing System Modelling: A Case of Banks.

Journal: Journal of Applied Sciences Research,, 2011
Author: Mgbemena, C.E., Mgbemena, C.O., Chinwuko, C.E.

Design of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) in a PV-Inverter

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, ONYAN AARON OKIEMUTE, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles