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Emulsion Treatment in the Oil Industry: A Case Study of Oredo Field Crude Oil Emulsion

Journal: Onepetrol Journal, 2015
Author: Ovuema Augustina and Okotie Sylvester

Modeling Work Task and the Bending Capabilities of Subjects

Journal: Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics , 2012
Author: Igboanugo, A. C. Ashiedu, F. and Onifade M. K.

Performance of seismic detectors: a case study of the sensitivity of SM-4 geophones used in Nigeria

Journal: International Research Journal of Earth Sciences, 2017
Author: G.I. Alaminiokuma and W.N. Ofuyah

Petroleum Potential of Paleogene-Neogene Age Sediments in Well TN-1, Western Niger Delta Basin, Nige ...

Journal: The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 2016
Author: Jerry Osokpor, Frank A. Lucas, Omawumi J. Osokpor, Brume Overare, G.I. Alaminiokuma, O.B. Ogbe, T.S. Daniya, and Og

Empirical Method to Predict the Performance of Human Powered Mono Hull Boats

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, 2016
Author: Pereowei G. Ombor, Agbakwuru Jasper, Modestus O. Okwu,

Total Hydrocarbon Content in water and sediment samples from coastal region of Nigeria

Journal: journal ofEngineering Science and Technology, 2010
Author: Otitigbe F and Akpoturi P.E

Investigation of plume dynamics during picosecond laser ablation of H13 steel using high-speed digit ...

Journal: Applied Physics A, 2017
Author: Krste Pangovski, Omonigho B. Otanocha, Shan Zhong, Martin Sparkes, Zhu Liu, William ONeill, Lin Li

A combined algorithm approach to fuel consumption rate analysis and prediction of sea-worthy diesel ...

Journal: Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment, 2016
Author: Thaddeus C Nwaoha Garrick Ombor and Modestus O Okwu

Fire extinguishing strength of the combustion product of wood saw dust (ash)

Journal: JASEM, 2014

Preliminary Study on Antimicrobial Activity of Friendly Bacteria Isolated from Dairy Products

Journal: Issues in Biological Sciences and Pharmaceutical Research, 2015
Author: Okorhi-Damisa, F. B. and Ataikiru, T. L.