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Cytotoxicity of Ag, Au and Ag-Au bimetallic nanoparticles prepared using golden rod (Solidago canade ...

Journal: Scientific reports, 2019
Author: Tarryn L. Botha, Elias E. Elemike, Suranie Horn, Damian C. onwudiwe, John P. Giesy Victor Wepener

A Deterministic Approach to Measurement of Noise Operations on 41Cr4 Alloy Steel using Response Surf ...

Journal: International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications (IJMEA) , 2016
Author: Obinabo E. C. Nwaoha T. C., Ashiedu F. I., and Izelu C. O.

An Optimal Investment Returns with N-Step Utility Functions

Journal: Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, 2016
Author: EGHWERIDO Joseph Thomas and OBILADE Titilola

Directional Well Trajectory Design : The Theoretical Development of Azimuth Bends and turns in compl ...

Journal: Nigerian journal of technology (NIJOTECH), 2016
Author: P.O Okpozo, Akpoturi Peters, W.C Okologume

Design of DC-link Voltage Controller and Grid Current Controller in a PV-Inverter

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, ONYAN AARON OKIEMUTE, Igbinoba Kevwe Charles

International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, 2010
Author: Editor-in-Chief: Dr. A.O.A. Ibhadode JERA Managing Director: Dr. Stanislav Kolesnichenko

Simulation and experimental verification of completely closed cavity die forging on a mechanical pre ...

Journal: Proc. Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 1989
Author: IBHADODE, A.O.A. and DEAN, T.A

Derivation of the von Mises and Tresca yield loci in plane stress from the yield surface in three di ...

Journal: Journal of the Nigerian Institution of Production Engineers, 1993

Application of genetic algorithms-determination of the optimal machining parameters in the conversio ...

Journal: International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 2004
Author: P.E. Amiolemhen, A.O.A. Ibhadode

Development of useful products from agro-waste and polythene bags

Journal: Conference on New Products and Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprises,, 2001