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Design of a Photovoltaic Grid-Connected DC-AC Inverter

Journal: International Journal of Emerging trends in Engineering and Development, 2012
Author: (6) Ofualagba Godswill, Onyan Aaron Okiemute and Igbinoba Kevwe Charles

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) levels in Cured Paints from Southern Nigeria

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Applied Sciences, 2017
Author: Edjere, O., Asibor, I. and Otolo, S, Bassey, U.

Optimization of Nigerian Restaurant Waste Cooking Biodiesel Reaction Parameters using Response Surfa ...

Journal: International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering, 2014
Author: Waheed, M.A., Samuel, O.D., Bolaji, B.O. and Dairo, O.U.

Determination of Optimum Welding Flux Composition Using the Bend Strength Test Technique

Journal: Advanced Materials Research , 1994
Author: Joseph I. Achebo, A.O. Akii Ibhadod

Cost-Saving and Internally Generated Revenue in Tertiary Educational Institutions: The Role of Cloud ...

Journal: International Journal of Education and Information Technology, 2018
Author: Orobor Anderson Ise, Orobor Helen Elohor

Monitoring the Production process of Friendly Bacteria using

Journal: International journal of Health and medicine, 2016
Author: Okorhi Folawe Beatrice and Bassey Uwem

Design of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) in a PV-Inverter

Journal: International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, 2012
Author: Ofualagba Godswill, Onyan Aaron Okiemute and Igbinoba Kevwe Charles

Distribution of Phthalate Esters in Underground Water from Power Transmission Sites in Warri Metropo ...

Journal: Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management, 2016
Author: Edjere, O., Asibor, I.G. and Bassey, U.

Rare-earth and other element mobility accompanying Albitization and mineralization in the Odegi gra ...

Journal: African Jour. Science and Technology, 1996
Author: Imeokparia, E.G.

Electrical Properties Correlations for The Niger Delta Depobelts

Journal: Petroleum Technology Development Journal, 2016
Author: Oscar I. O. Ogali, Julius O. Otiko, Wilfred C. Okologume