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Advances in materials and systems technologies

Journal: Advanced materials research, 2007
Author: A O Ibhadode

Histopathological Effects of combined doses of Copper, Chromium and Nickel on Rabbit (Oryctolagus cu ...

Journal: Tropical Journal of Environmental Science Health, 2006
Author: Tawari-Fufeyin, P, Otanocha, O. and Ugege, P.O.

Spatio-Dynamics of Surface Water Characteristics in Delta State.

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS, , 2015
Author: Onosemuode Christopher

Development of useful products from agro-waste and polythene bags

Journal: Conference on New Products and Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprises,, 2001

Determination of Optimum Manufacturing Conditions for Asbestos-free Brake Pad using Taguchi Method

Journal: Nigerian Journal of Engineering Research and Development, 2006
Author: Dagwa, Ishaya - Ibhadode, A.O.Akii

Effect of Depth of Cut, Cutting Speed and Work-piece overhang on Induced Vibration and Work Surface ...

Journal: IJETAE , 2013
Author: C.O Izelu, Eze S.C, B.U. Oreko and Edward B.A.

Comparative Stochastic Study for Credit-Card Fraud Detection Models

Journal: IEEE African Journal of Computing ICT, 2015
Author: Ojugo, A. A., Oyemade, D. A., Allenotor, D., Longe, O. E., Anujeonye, C.

The Impact of 3D Printing Technology to the Nigerian Manufacturing GDP

Journal: Modern Mechanical Engineering, 2018
Author: A. Balogun, V. , B. Otanocha, O. and O. Ibhadode, A.

Manufacture of metal-arc welding electrodes from locally available materials

Journal: Journal of the Nigerian Institution of Production Engineer, 1993
Author: OKOH, I.G. and IBHADODE, A.O.A

Finite Element Analysis and Design Validation of High Pressure Gate Valve for a Typical Nigerian Oi ...

Journal: Journal of Multidisciplinary Engineering Science and Technology (JMEST), 2016
Author: ThankGod E. Boye, Thaddeus C. Nwaoha and Adeyemi I. Olabisi